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The Hooked On Miracles Fishing Tournament is organized by hard-working volunteer representatives from, the BC mining industry and the Mining for Miracles Campaign, the mining industry’s charity of choice, in cooperation with BC Children’s Hospital, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Precision Health Initiative

Mining for Miracles, the BC mining industry’s longstanding fundraising campaign for BC
Children’s Hospital Foundation is raising $3,580,000 to support BC Children’s Hospital’s
Precision Health Initiative (PHI). Since 1988, Mining for Miracles has raised over $35 million to
improve health care for kids throughout BC.

This initiative represents state-of-the-art medical research. It will improve BC Children’s
Hospital’s ability to provide answers for children with previously undiagnosed conditions,
offering new information and hope to children and families who have often been on a long and
traumatic diagnostic odyssey.

Through this program, Mining for Miracles can help transform the future for kids and their
families through precision health research and care at BC Children’s.

What is the Precision Health Initiative?

Rare diseases are, despite the name, actually quite common. One in 25 children born in British
Columbia are affected by a rare disease, and these patients occupy one in every three BC Children’s Hospital beds. Roughly half of these cases remain unsolved, despite the families spending weeks, months or even years of seeing specialists and enduring endless tests.
Through the PHI, BC Children’s believes it can solve up to 25 per cent more of these mystery
cases, pushing the diagnostic rate from 50 per cent to 75 per cent, and giving a renewed sense
of hope to each family benefitting from this program.

Precision health means studying each child’s unique set of characteristics, providing deep
insight into their genetic, molecular, cellular, and environmental attributes. This allows
researchers and clinicians to inform and implement the best care possible for each individual
child, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

The PHI will enable clinicians and researchers across BC Children’s Hospital’s campus to
navigate each child’s unique needs, combining their world-leading expertise with the most
advanced precision health tools available.